Monday, September 11, 2006

ONLINE CD ORDERING://News from MaxOpus (and col legno)

Warner Music may have stopped making new recordings, there is a plethora of online CD ordering available.

1. Composers
The MaxOpus Newsletter (August 31) presents 10 additional recordings to the phenomenal database of over 100 pieces now. Peter Maxwell Davies rules!
The Internationale Isang Yun Gesellschaft issues CDs, which number 5 at this moment.

2. Performers
The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (RCO Live) and the London Symphgony Orchestra (LSO Live) have their own labels. The San Francisco Symphony, the Cleveland Orchestra and the ASKO/Schoenberg Ensemble are among those those selling their own recordings.

3. Publishers
Donemus has a long standing tradition of issuing recordings of Dutch music. Also, Schott Music (Wergo).

4. Labels
Many labels these days take orders directly, e.g. Durian, Edition RZ, Petals, New World Records, DaCapo and col legno. The latter even have a great subscription service.

5. Online retailers etc.
I like (which includes the CPO label) best for its clean homepage and wonderful search capabilities. Of course there are many others, such as Amazon,, SRI Canada,
And then there are auctions at eBay, as well as classified advertising (,

6. Traditional retailers
Obviously, many stores have opened cyberstores: Tower Records, HMV, Fnac, and even small ones such as Kuijper Klassiek.

7. Other
The Dutch Kruidvat drugstore chain is linked to the Brilliant label.
The NRC Handelsblad newspaper has CD series for members only, obviously to lower churn

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