Tuesday, June 20, 2006

OBITUARY://György Ligeti

Opera News: György Ligeti, 83, Composer of Le Grand Macabre Has Died

New York Times: Gyorgy Ligeti, Central-European Composer of Bleakness and Humor ...

Times Online: György Ligeti

BBC News: Influential composer Ligeti dies

New York Sun: Dancing to Ligeti

Palm Beach Post: On the death of Ligeti

Gramophone: György Ligeti has died

Monsters and Critics: Hungarian Composer Gyorgy Ligeti has died

Variety: Composer Ligeti dies at 83

Washington Post: Gyorgy Ligeti's Music Was a Constant Surprise

Los Angeles Times: Gyorgy Ligeti, 83; a Mercurial Composer Who Despised Dogmas

The Australian: Avant-garde composer a master of absurd and tragic

TheCelebrityCafe.com: Famed composer remembered for his integrity

Guardian: In praise of ... Gyorgy Ligeti

AP (Forbes, CBS News): 'Space Odyssey' Composer Ligeti Dies

Guardian: Ligeti, musical pioneer, dies at 83

Ynetnews: Composer Ligeti dies aged 83

Fox News: Composer Gyorgy Ligeti, of '2001: A Space Odyssey' Fame, Dies at ...

CNN: Gyorgy Ligeti

Blogcritics.org: Composer Gyorgy Ligeti dies at age 83

San Jose Mercury News: Gyorgy Ligeti, 83, leading composer

Reuters: Avant-garde composer Gyorgy Ligeti dies: publisher

North Korea Times: Composer Gyorgy Ligeti dead at 83

Arizona Republic: Gyorgy Ligeti; mercurial composer

Philadelphia Inquirer: Gyorgy Ligeti, 83, acclaimed composer

DailyIndia.com: Austrian composer Ligeti dead at 83

Kansas City Star: Ligeti was a modern icon

Philadelphia Inquirer: Composer Ligeti's music a touchstone of disorder

NPR: NPR : Composer Ligeti, a Kubrick Favorite, Has Died

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