Wednesday, March 29, 2006

CSO erases Boulez's latest 'Notations'

By Wynne Delacoma
From the Chicago Sun-Times - March 22, 2006

Pierre Boulez may be one of classical music's most important composers, but he is notoriously reluctant to sign off on a finished composition.
To hardly anyone's surprise, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra has postponed the world premiere of Boulez's "Notations'' for Orchestra V and VI scheduled for May 25-27. The CSO and conductor Daniel Barenboim will perform "Notations'' I-V and VII in their place.
The "Notations'' series is an orchestration of short piano pieces Boulez composed in 1945 and began orchestrating decades later. Delays have plagued their first performances by the CSO. The orchestra said "Notations'' V and VI will be "rescheduled on the CSO subscription series once they are completed.''

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