Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Message from the Ensemble Linea

Hommage à Younghi Pagh-Paan
60ème anniversaire

L'ensemble Linea s'associe à la journée d'hommage consacrée, le 30 novembre, à la grande compositrice coréenne.
Tout au long de cette journée, les ensembles et interprètes se relaieront pour offrir nombre d'exécutions et de créations mondiales (oeuvres de Chang, Meyer, Ogiermann, Heintz, Nashashibi, Nola, Lindemann, Jazylbekova, Ahn, Lang, Beinke, Bjorklund)

Concerts à 15h et à 20h, à Brême, Hochschule für Künste, Dechanatstrasse 13-15
Enregistré par Radio-Bremen.

Younghi Pagh-Paan : "Hang-Sang" et Klaus Huber : "Winterseeds"

Keiko Murakami, flûte alto
Pablo Marquez, guitare
Asuka Hatanaka, percussions
Margrit Kern, accordéon

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Classical culture = subculture?

There is a worrying trend, judging by these three articles from the NRC newspaper (paid subscription) in the Netherlands.

High and low brow cultures are merging, according to John Seabrook in his book 'Nobrow'. It's all about marketing. Or rather, high brow is evolving into a subculture.

Dutch classical Radio 4 was barely saved from having its terrestrial license taken and being relegated to cable broadcast.

Classical composer's grants institution Foundation for Creative Arts is to merge with the Foundation for Amateur and Stage Arts. Composers resist the move, as this would lead to comparing 'apples to pears'.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Lindberg, Bartok and Sibelius in Amsterdam

(to the right: Lindberg showing his gratitude to Oramo)

Tonight the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, conducted by Sakari Oramo, performed a mixed program of Magnus Lindberg (Feria), Bela Bartok (Second Piano Concerto, Peter Donohoe soloist) and Jean Sibelius (Fifth Symphony).

The oldest piece, the Sibelius, is arguably still the most 'modernist' piece. No show-piece for any orchestra, though, as is the Lindberg. I wish they took the Bartok at a slightly more moderate tempo, even though it probably came pretty close to the composer's intentions.